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1. Mountain Running Track, Zhonghang Town Park, Chongqing city, China.

Three different lengths of mountain running lanes (3 km, 5 km and 10 km) were designed in Zhonghang Town Park, represented by different colors.

There are many wide animals in the park, and the designers has designed patterns on the running track to remind runners to care about these animals.

chongqing mountain running track

2. Zhangmiao Science & Fitness Square, Shanghai, China

The trails, running tracks, squares and greenery are symbiotic, forming a system with vitality. Wind and solar power light up the entire site in the evening, the three-dimensional grass slope vegetation creates space possibilities of different scales; the corridor space combined with popular science has become the activity space for the citizens to cover the sun and the summer; The public jogging trail has become the most crowded evening recreation venue in the entire region. The democracy, citizenship and publicity of urban space are fully reflected in this small street corner.

community park jogging track

3. West Island Community Park, the Netherlands

West Island Park has integrated skateboarding venues, standard running tracks and a children’s playground to meet the needs of diversity of people.

The pathsystem is designed as a ‘liquid gel’ that connects all entrances and includes the sports- and playgrounds as a logical but playful pattern. The old location contained an old running track that was integrated in the new design. It now is a fresh running and skating track, that encloses the new sports and play functions

playground running track surface

4. Tiantai Chicheng Second Primary School, Zhejiang, China

A 200-meter circular running track built on the roof of the school building, and the oval-shaped building formed by the running track gave the students a sense of security.

school rooftop running track

5. Xili Sports Park Running Track

The original intention of the project is to provide a diversified new style and cultural center for citizens of different ages in the Xili area. It consists of a 20,000 m2 theater, a 15,000 m2 basketball-badminton hall, a 10,000 m2 multi-purpose hall and a 6000 m2 swimming pool, which together present a multi-level and vibrant public place.

A deliberately elevated runway became one of the highlights of the project, interspersed with different elements on the runway and merged between different buildings. Encourage people to start exercising and change their current state of life.

The Sili Cultural and Sports Center is expected to start construction in 2017.